A Sacred Mockery of a Profane World

Pipedream: an ideal system for creating software

What’s going on here? Hi, I’m Joe, and I’m describing Pipedream, taking inspiration from the Houyhnhnm Computing chronicles. Pipedream? Pipedream is my currently-mostly-vaporware software project for creating software. It’s a coherent fusion of multi-modal, multi-sensory interface, functionality, and integrated idiomatic automation whose sum total is meant to make creating software orders of magnitude faster and easier. This post is meant to sketch out its form in advance of it existing fully, as a way to help me stay on point, and to help others understand what I’m talking about. Read more →

Minor thoughts on a major thing

Last week, I started my three-month “batch” at the Recurse Center, which is described as a “tuition-free self-directed educational retreat for programmers.” The point of it is to get better at programming computers, by spending your days hanging out with 50 or so other people who are there for the same reason. Attending RC is something I’ve wanted to do for several years, but until very recently, I never thought I’d be able to (due to time and money, mostly, but I suddenly found myself with a ton of the former and a mild surplus of the latter). Read more →